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Saturday, March 22, 2008


Like the stink of your breath, your words disgust me
Like the stench of your armpits, your embraces disgust me
Like the dirt under your nails, your hands disgust me
Like the wax in your ears, your pauses disgust me
Like the ashes on your teeth, your hissing disgusts me
Like the man you're not, the man you are disgusts me
There you are and here is your cynical face;
Is that a smirk or a smile that lost its pace?
Are you here for me or have you lost the way?
Let me hear your voice or have you nothing to say?
Let me reach into your skull with my claws;
Let me pluck those eyes that could only see my flaws.
I cannot promise to love you but will you have me?
I know I hurt you yet could you have me?
I might hurt you again so should you have me?
I am reconnected,
Have been resurrected,
Have me now,
I am finally connected!