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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Rebound Relationships: Are you on the rebound? Or are you a Rebound?

I caught myself guilty of a series of rebound relationships and the worst part was that I had no idea that I was rebounding. Here I am emotionally drained and mentally consumed sharing with you my two cents on rebounds. I pulled out all my "rebound files" and put my analytical skills into action.

What is a rebound?
A rebound is a relationship that is supposed to stop, or help you escape, the pain of another relationship - call it a painkiller, a band aid, or a quick fix.

Usually it is right after, or at the very end of, a relationship that went, or is going, belly up. Like taking a pain killer before going to the dentist for fear of toothache after the visit, more vulnerable people start their rebound relationship as a precautionary measure.

1) A bruised ego
If you feel that you have been dumped or rejected, the ideal solution would be to embark on another relationship to prove to your ex, and to yourself, that you are desirable and that one man's poison is another man's gain.

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Searching for Laila's Identity (Kolena Laila Initiative)

In September 2008, I was honoured to receive an invitation to contribute to a woman's empowerment initiative called Kolena Laila - We Are All Laila. It was the first time I had heard of this campaign.

I got in touch with Lasto Adri* Blue, known as Eman, who is one of the leading organisers of the initiative. She explained to me that 2008 was Kolena Laila's third year and that Laila is the heroine of a novel entitled The Open Door (El Bab El Maftouh) by writer Latifa El Zayyat. Laila was chosen as a symbol for each and every Egyptian woman who is trying to mould her independent personality in an oppressive society.

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My attempt at an Ethical Will

I always thought that the ideal time for writing a will is when a person feels that the end is near - I have no clue where I got that idea from. Dr. Baines gave me a totally new perspective. In an ethical will, people share a part of themselves and this part helps them identify and act upon their beliefs. It also helps the reader of this will to understand where they are coming from and what they value most. This could be an ideal tool between couples at anytime of their relationship, between parents and their children regardless of their age, between grand parents and their grand children, or between friends and business associates.

There is no better time to share with you my ethical will than at the end of a fruitful and very productive year:

• I have learnt the joy of tolerance and that he who judges shall be judged. People are different and I am different too.

• I believe in mercy and forgiveness. I am still working on second chances though. We all make mistakes.

• Fame does not last but the people you have helped will remember your forever.

• Beauty does not last either but the people who see your heart will always see your beauty.

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Dear MAN - My Name is Laila (Kolena Laila Initiative)

Dear MAN

My name is Laila.
Laila who?
It does not matter!
I am the girl you see on the bus;
I am the girl you see in the street;
I am your neighbor;
I am your friend;
I am your cousin;
I am your sister;
I am your mother;
I am your wife;
I am your daughter;
I am the girl you never really saw;
I am the girl you do not know!
Call me Laila!

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Global Voices - Update


Fact or Fiction: A mini Dubai in Downtown Cairo

Rumor has it that Gamal Mubarak, the President's son and the NDP's General Secretary of the Policy Committee, will turn the historical downtown Cairo into a "mini Dubai".

Egypt: Inanities on Homosexuality

Sarah Carr, blogger and journalist addresses how a published feature titled “Honey, I’m homosexual” and online comments perpetuate myths about homosexuality and, in doing so, contributes to the culture of intolerance in Egyptian society.

Fact or Fiction: Egyptian President Pardons Sexual Harasser

Egyptian bloggers are divided on whether a sexual harasser sentenced to three years in prison recently has been pardoned.

Egypt: Call for Commemorating Saddam Hussein

On the second anniversary of the execution of ousted Iraqi President Saddam Hussein, and in coordination with the Iraqi community in Cairo, five Egyptian political parties called for commemorating the late president. Here's a snapshot of reactions from the Egyptian blogosphere

Imagine what 20 million Egyptians could do

Naguib Sawiris's Mobinil is positioned as the leading mobile service operator in Egypt. Scene & Heard hails Mobinil's inspirational campaign “Imagine what 20 million Egyptians could do."

Egypt: Wael Abbas refuses to meet President Bush

Egyptian blogger and activist Wael Abbas just announced on his blog that he turned down an invitation to meet up with Bush.

Egypt: Dirty Sexy Secrets

Young enlightened Egyptian bloggers write about their society's sex code, racism, bigotry, and lust after scandals - all in an attempt to make Egypt a better place to live in.

Egyptian Bloggers and their Lost Blogs

Several Egyptian bloggers lost their blogs whether to hackers or to web hosting services. Are those blogs being deliberately suspended by hosting services or are there invisible hands at play behind the scenes? Check out what bloggers have to say about this new development

Are Women making Egypt Poorer?
Women: Should they stay at home and raise kids or should they work and have a contribution? A controversial question that Fantasia's World tried to answer in her post: Are you making your country poorer?

Egypt: Locking Al Azhar students in the dark ages!
Al Azhar English Training Center is funded through a partnership agreement between Al Azhar University, the Foreign and Commonwealth Office Global Opportunities Fund and the British Council. The Center was supposed to provide English Language courses in its first semester to 125 students from various disciplines until Ali Laban, a Muslim Brotherhood deputy, decided otherwise. Fatma Sabit - an enraged instructor - speaks up on Facebook.

حلقات بحب فيك ايه على راديو حريتنا Download

Facebook Group: http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=39120443915

الحلقة ال13
(الاهتمام و معنى الاهتمام فى الحب)
2008 - 12 - 14

الحلقة الـ12
(الصدق و الكذب فى الحب)

الحلقة ال11
(الإخلاص و الخيانة فى الحب)

الحلقة العاشرة
بحب فيك رومانسيتك

الحلقة التاسعة
(بحب فيك(ى) إنك
(open minded !!

الحلقة الثامنة
(بحب فيك رجولتك ، بحب فيكى أنوثتك)

الحلقة السابعة
(الاعتماد على الطرف الآخر)

الحلقة السادسة
(الفخر فى الحب)

الحلقة الخامسة
(الإحتواء فى الحب)

الحلقة الرابعة
(الإحترام و التقدير فى الحب)

الحلقة الثالثة
(الصراحة فى الحب)

الحلقة الثانية
(الثقة فى الحب)

الحلقة الأولي
(فتاة و فارس الأحلام)

Monday, December 15, 2008

ما وراء الجزمة

أنا مش هـ اتكلم كتير فى بوش يستاهل ضرب الجزم و لا لأ و لا فى شجاعة الصحفى العراقى و لا فى مشاعر العرب و كرامة الامة و لا فى مصير العلاقات الدولية و لا فى تعليقات الناس و لا اى كلام من ده. أنا هـ علق على حاجة مستفزة جدا تدل على تفككنا و عدم قدرتنا على التعاون و لا الاتحاد و لا العمل الجماعى ... انا مش احنا
بوش اتضرب بالجزمة امبارح باليل .. نقول الساعة 11 و انا دلوقت بـ اكتب التدوينة دى الساعة 10 و 30دقيقة الصبح .. يعنى اقل من 12 ساعة
فى اقل من 12 ساعة جالى الدعوات دى للانضمام لمجموعات على الفيس بوك ما بين مدافعة عن الصحفى و شماته فى بوش .. كام؟ اهم












كل جروب من دول فيه ما بين 9 الى 60 عضو طبعا هـ يزيدوا مع الوقت
السؤال: هو ليه كل واحد عمل جروب لوحده؟
ليه مش كل الناس انضمت لجروب واحد علشان يبقى صوتها اعلى و اوضح و اقوى؟
ليه المنافسة الداخلية ما بين الناس دول لما هدفهم واحد؟
ليه كل واحد قبل ما يعمل الجروب بتاعه ما شافش لو حد سبقه و لا لأ؟
اداة البحث فى الفيس بوك بكلمة او كلمتين هتوضح مين عمل ايه ... الاتحاد قوة يا جماعة
تخيلوا لو كانوا كل دول جروب واحد و كل عضو يدعو اصدقائه كان العدد وصل كام فى ال12 ساعة دول؟