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Saturday, March 29, 2008

For the love of Chocolate

I was curled up on the back seat of our old little red Seat - as in car - with my half asleep brother, my usually silent mother, and my always in control father. My father always played this tape on our way back from visiting grandma

.. oh mamy .. oh mamy mamy blue ...

I felt the wind blowing against my face and I was growing cold and stiff by the minute. It was a long drive from Hadayek El Kobba to Dokki ... the 6th of October bridge was still under construction I guess.

By the time we got home, I was longing for my blanket. I had a little blue blanket and a little pillow that I kept for many years. I left them behind when I moved out.

I got in bed and crawled under the cover pretending to be a crab digging a home in the sand. I was thankful for having a bed and I was happy to be in it. I dozed off as happiness crept inside of me and in that magical moment before a person actually falls asleep, I got stuck in a chocolate factory.

I stood there as I watched a big round tray rotate on an axis. Little chocolate pieces of all sorts and shapes were lined up on the tray. My eyes caught a one of a kind piece and I set my sight on that piece as I watched the tray rotate. Every time I saw that chocolate piece I would squint as warmth filled me with a quiver ... I opened my eyes and looked again at the tray .... and another shiver followed ...

God ... I was 9!!