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Friday, May 30, 2008

Fuck Offff!!!!!!

Who? A man!
Do I know him? No!
Then why?

Today, I got a call from this guy who happens to have a problem and who needed advice. I am usually very tolerant but today it took me a lot of self control not to butcher his life as we spoke. I am serious ... I have not been that enraged in a very ... very .. long time!

He was engaged ... they broke up ... she got engaged ... he cannot believe it ... she is over him .. he cannot move on.

Fine! What's new then?

The details ... I will just summarize the points here - and this is not my opinion of him, this is what he told me:
1) For x number of years, she loved him, took care of him, listened to him, absorbed his anger fits, patched his ego, and forgave all his mistakes ....................... AND HE DID NOTHING BUT RECEIVE HER LOVE AND MAKE HER FEEL LIKE A PIECE OF SHIT!

2) He slept with her to make sure she was no longer pure and that she would never leave him

3) He chose her because she would make an ideal wife and mother; she worshipped him, had no previous experience, and does not have any requests

4) Whenever they had a fight, she was the one who put in all the effort to win him back .. even if it was not her fault

One day .... she left ... what does he do?

1) Call her mom and tell her that he does not want to marry her daughter because he loved her; he wants to "fix the mistake" because they were together like man and wife

2) After shocking the mother ... he called the father and told him the same thing

When I asked him why he did that .... he said he wanted to use them as pressure points on the girl and force her to marry him!!!

When that did not work he sent her in writing that she is his and that she will never belong to anyone else .. he threatened to maim her by cutting off her ring finger, her whole arm, or disfiguring her

When her dad called his dad ... he insulted her dad and called him names for the whore-of-a-girl he has

She got engaged a month after they broke up ...

He turned to God .... and promised him to pray, to force her to get veiled, to raise good muslim kids, only if He give him a second chance with her!!!

He came to me because .... he wants her back, cannot trust women any more (after what his pure angel did), and he wants my advice on how to fix it!!