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Wednesday, January 7, 2009

The Pair of Boots

Hidden in my closet I keep
A pair of boots with heels so steep

How I dread their pointed end
Shudders up my spine they send

Made of metal and nine inch long
Come to use when I sing a sad song

Silver ashes of resentment I swallowed
In pain and agony I sat and wallowed

Out of my eyes tears like silver bullets race
Like lead balls they rolled down my face

My skin so sensitive felt their burns
Right and left, they took their turns

It was my choice to love you, but
Now in your face my heart I will shut

Slowly I reached out to the lonely pair
And like a dagger it fell from the air

Into my heart it landed
I did it single handed

I do not know now what hurts more
Leaving you, being with you, or

The steep pain of the pointed heel
That in my heart I am doomed to feel.

The Little Man

What do you see when you look at me?
Do you see the man you will never be?

What do you hear when I talk to you?
Do you hear the logic you never knew?

What do you feel when I hold your hand?
Do you feel lost in treacherous sand?

What do you think of when I call?
Do I make you feel little and small?

What’s to dread in an embrace?
Other than your own disgrace

Why can’t you look into my eyes?
Have you been telling me lies?

You think over me you have power?
Let me show you how big boys cower

You are just a big shadow of a little man
Following my reflection as if you really can.

The Clown

In a circus of lovers you are my favorite clown
Make a funny face or I shall show you a frown

Play with fire or walk a rope
Try harder or you’ll have no hope

Come here
Vanish and reappear

Tell me a joke or a silly anecdote of yours
Let’s play revolving doors

What do you see when you look at me?
Do you see the man you will never be?

Dear MAN - You are a clown

Now I see you for who you really are ... I am awake. Today I understand what exhausted my brains yesterday. From the man of my life I have demoted you to a clown; I love watching you bend over backwards to make me feel like the nobody that you are and I am entertained by the fire you blow when envy is eating at your heart. I know exactly how to make you lose what's left of your mind; I will just sit in a corner and watch you pretend to be smart. I will look you in the eye and let you see your tiny reflection. I will smile when you thought I would cry. I will not let you hurt me for you have become my favorite clown.

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Laugh and the world laughs with you .. weep and you weep alone

Countless articles highlighted the importance of laughter and humor; how it prolongs your life, why it is a natural anti-aging solution, when it is the ideal way out of an embarrassing situation, where it is cute and adorable, what makes it the best camouflage for wrinkles, and the fact that it just makes you more likable and more socially acceptable. In presentation skills and public speaking workshops we guide the attendees on how and when to use humor, in customer care sessions we never get tired of stressing how the customer could see your smile on the phone, in motivational courses we tell people to start their day with a smile and urge them to turn dreary situation into joke material. But were you ever tempted to tell someone that they were not funny or that their jokes were off or that you just could not stand their wit?

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Dear Marwa

I am sending you this email because I want you to discuss the parent-child relationship. I am sure that I am not the only one who is suffering because of a parent-related problem. I have a chronic problem with my mother. She is too dominating. She wants her orders obeyed without any form of discussion. I am the youngest among my three brothers and I am thirty years old. That means that I am an adult and that I could be fully responsible for my life. If I were married I would have been in charge of a home and kids of my own. She has no faith in me. My mother does not believe that I could take care of the slightest things that relate to me. In her eyes we are kids and she has to take full care of us. She cannot see that we are grownups.

I will give you a few examples of the forms of torture that I have to live with: I cannot choose my own clothes for until today she dresses me up according to her own taste. She dictates when I am allowed to go out and when I am not. She chooses my friends for me and she monitors my phone calls. I would tell her that I am going out with a certain friend to a certain place and I cannot tell you how many times she had showed up unannounced just to make sure that I was where I said I would be. She blindly follows traditions even if it was at the risk of making us miserable. When we try to object we are accused of being ungrateful and non obedient, then she starts crying and wonders what she did wrong to deserve children like us. She tells us that we would go to hell and that we would never be successful because she is angry at us.

I am really confused. Do you think God will really punish me for not obeying her? Do you think I am wrong for how I feel about her? My brothers cannot get married because every time they get engaged the girl ends it because of my mother; she interferes in the girl's life the same way she interferes in mine. Now I have no vision, no standards, no principles, and no one to really guide me. I lie to her, I cheat, and I even smoke behind her back. I have a boyfriend and I cannot tell her. I am always sad and everything makes me feel guilty. I wish I could talk to her as a friend but I feel that I hate her most of the time. Will God punish me for that too?

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Is Pre-marital Sex for you?

Why do people care about what I think when it comes to their virginity - their very own virginity? Why do they care if I am for or against premarital sex? Why do they keep asking me about my beliefs? Why do they attack me personally when they disagree with my ideas?

I am sick and tired of people telling us what to do. I am trying hard to avoid turning into one of those people who dictate what is right and what is wrong - and people follow. My mission in life is to get you to think. Yes! You! I neither want to take decisions on your behalf nor do I want you to blame me for the consequences of your actions. I do not want to be dragged along on your guilt trips.

Stop asking me the wrong questions ... it is not about me or what I believe in ... it is about you and what you can handle. So here is my attempt at helping you decide which paths to take and which to avoid.

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