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Sunday, April 6, 2008

Free Sharkawy .. Free Egypt

I never thought that there would come a day when I would write anything with political inclination ... I was never interested!!!!!!

OK .. it is the 6th of April ... so what?!!! People are on strike!!! .. Who Cares?... Certainly not me!!

I woke up today .. like I wake up on any other day ... got my tea ... and my laptop ... then I got a call from Sandmonkey that my publisher has been arrested ... yeah right ... the cynical monkey joking!!!

An hour later JSC announced the names of those who were arrested ... Mohamed El Sharkawy has been arrested!!!

I called his finacee. In tears she told me what happened ... early that morning he stopped by her house to pick up something he left there and the taxi waited downstairs. Sharkawy told her that she had a flat tyre and that he was going to change it. The next thing she knew was the taxi driver screaming in the street "amn el dawla khatafo Sharkawy" - State security kidnapped Sharkawy.

Four private cars - mallaky ya3ni - and three motorcycles stopped under their building and 20 people got out and "kidnapped him"!!! ... they also took his fiancee's car keys so she would not follow them!!!

She went to report it in the Sheikh Zayed police station .... they refused to file a report!!!


He is my publisher ... he started a new business ... he found a new way to voice his opinion ... he was just starting ... he is gone!!!!!!!!!

I do not know how to feel ... I am partly angry .. shocked .. resentful .. and scared.

As an Egyptian I am provoked .. As a writer I am pissed ... As a human being I am offended and ashamed of YOU .. ashamed of Egypt!!

I am sitting now at home next to Mohamed El Sharkawy's fiancee ... we have no clue where he is .... she is sitting there looking all helpless and frustrated ...

"Whatever happened to new beginnings? Whatever happened to second chances? He knew they were going to come after him .. he felt it .. he told me that he will be arrested ... he left me a note asking me not to worry and to be strong" she said

What are they expecting? Is that a way to deal with anger? Is that a way to deal with our countrymen? In all my posts I have called for independence, dignity, pride, and character .... how could anyone raise his head up high and walk like an Egyptian? I know that Sharkawy will go home tonight or tomorrow .... but what kind of person will he be? Defeated? Ashamed? Oppressed? Livid? Resentful? Negative?

And here I am .. calling for a better life, better love, better relationships, and better future ... bala nila!!!!! PS I just heard on JSC that the Egyptian government said that people did not go to work/ universities/ schools today because of bad weather conditions!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

خبر صحفى من مركز هشام مبارك للقانوناصدر مركز هشام مبارك العديد من البيانات والوثائق عشية بدء احتجاجات 6/4/2008 منها نداء موجه للزميلات والزملاء المحامين تسجيل بياناتهم للتطوع دفاعاعن حقوق المواطنين المصريين http://hmlc.katib.org/node/167ونداء لمواطنيين لاستفادة من هذه القائمةhttp://hmlc.katib.org/كما اعد المركز بعض الدفوع القانونية التى قد تكون مفيدة على الموقع التالى http://hmlc.katib.org/node/165وسبق للمركز اصدار بيان بهذا المعنى موجه للمواطن العادى بيان مشروعية الاضراب http://hmlc.katib.org/node/162كما نشر المركز النص الكامل لحكم البراءة فى قضية اضراب سائقى السكك الحديدية لاهميته فى هذه المناسبة http://hmlc.katib.org/node/156


Anonymous said...

I hope Ya Marwa to be a new begining in ur life to know that everything in ur life related with poltics

Maghz said...

Many were arrested today... but I don't believe it he didn't even come close to the strike zone..

You will tell them that you are a writer trying to break free from a country under siege... what happened today will give more value to what you are doing my dear...!

Anonymous said...

wallahy it's realy pissing,i'm sorry to here this!!
But have u tried to know his place?
y he has been taken??
is he involved in anything or not??
Calm down sweety and Don't be worry;insalla he will be OK if he is inocent.
finally you can try a lawyer

Marwa Rakha said...

Yes Amr ... I guess I will never be the same again

Marwa Rakha said...

Blacknoble ... I am not even sure that anything I am doing will be of value ... I feel that this country is like a sand dunes ... it will suck in any effort or any person who tries to exert effort ...

Marwa Rakha said...

Hello Anon

His fiancee is sitting here next to me trying to locate him and making calls

Tamer El-Meehy said...

Tell them exactly what you told us how you told us. Tell them that you were never interested in politics..that for years they have been detaining people, kidnapping people and torturing people..yet you chose to remain disinterested in politics..until the strike came closer to you than you expected.

Tell them about the anger and frustration and fury you felt..that you didn't know how to really channel it..or where to direct it.

I have to agree with Amr Aouf..everything in your life now has to do with politics..the Sharkawy incident..your encounter with the eloquent Islamist with perfect english..and more is yet to come.

Face it..you have a responsibility to be politically involved.

Marwa Rakha said...

Tamer ... I just wanted people to live happily ever after .. I am now so sad and confused

Please post your comment here on my wall on facebook

Tamer El-Meehy said...

if she hasn't already done it, she should call Hesham Mubarak Law Center.


Email: hmlc@link.net telefax: 25758908
Website: hmlc.katib.org
Office: Hisham Mubarak Law Center مركز هشام مبارك للقانون
Street: 1 souq el tawfeqia.st - 5th floor - Down town. رقم 1 ش سوق التوفيقية، الدور الخامس،وسط البلد
City/Town: Cairo

Anonymous said...

i'm abit shocked here
you say he didn't do anything
why did they come to take him ?
did he do anything before he came to his fiancee ? did they take anyone else in the street ?
it's still confusing ..

Marwa Rakha said...

خبر صحفى من مركز هشام مبارك للقانون
اصدر مركز هشام مبارك العديد من البيانات والوثائق عشية بدء احتجاجات 6/4/2008 منها نداء
موجه للزميلات والزملاء المحامين تسجيل بياناتهم للتطوع دفاعاعن حقوق المواطنين المصريين


ونداء لمواطنيين لاستفادة من هذه القائمة


كما اعد المركز بعض الدفوع القانونية التى قد تكون مفيدة على الموقع التالى

وسبق للمركز اصدار بيان بهذا المعنى موجه للمواطن العادى بيان مشروعية الاضراب


كما نشر المركز النص الكامل لحكم البراءة فى قضية اضراب سائقى السكك الحديدية لاهميته فى هذه المناسبة


Fantasia said...

WTF??.. They kidnapped him?! What kind of country is this? Damn it! We are burning in flames to give this country some energy to move a step forward, and they just pull us back all the way.. This is the kind of Egypt that we are living in ya Marwa. Did you get it now?

It's not that I'm gonna give up. I'll keep fighting the MB, another poison tree of the regime's own making.. and I proud to have been able to place a tiny pebble in their silky road.. But that kinda of shit, makes me damn sick. Why am I fighting this battle for God's sake? For the regime, both I and the MB are the same.. they hunt us all down, friends and foes, minds and bombs for them are the same.

I can't forget the day I was beaten on campus, just because I was taking part in a silent demonstration in front of the Provost's office. They kept beating me until my back started to bleed.. for no reason.. none of them knew who I am or why we were demonstrating.. yet, they got what it takes to beat me in all brutality. All for this so that the provost would be able to leave his office and go home without seeing the students..the cowardly bastard he was!

It is on that day that I realized that nobody's safe in Egypt.. simply, because it is a country to which the term "human rights" has not yet been introduced. And without human rights there can never be women rights.

Marwa Rakha said...

Fantasia ... you? Is that why you left? Is that why you cannot come back?

I can only now think of that chat between me and Sandmonkey ...

"They came for the Communists, and I didn't object - For I wasn't a Communist;
They came for the Socialists, and I didn't object - For I wasn't a Socialist;
They came for the labor leaders, and I didn't object - For I wasn't a labor leader;
They came for the Jews, and I didn't object - For I wasn't a Jew;
Then they came for me - And there was no one left to object."

Anonymous said...

Dear Marwa,
I understand what you feel .But we can never lose hope of a better life and a better love in our life .Hope drives us to try to make a change. It's the driving force of any meaningful and successful resistance that ever took place anywhere on this earth. It needs a single assistance. It's not power, not self confidence nor even faith. It's LOVE. True love for the cause is the anger driving the resistance.
While waiting for your overseas representance of Egypt forget about your anger and drive it in the direction of love. I can hear you saying; HOW COME? WHAT LOVE/

It's the love of Egypt; the love that will change the present into our dreams and what we HOPE for.
EGYPT is not the current government. She's not these hurting events’ occurring to every one of us .She is not all those frustrations, disappointments, sorrows and regrets.
Egypt is and will always be inside of us. It’s the great history and the HOPE of an even greater future that will never be reality except if we believed in our HOPE and remembered our LOVE.
When speaking of Egypt, remember the youth who believed in your work and HOPE. IF you disappointed them, there will be no future EGYPT, only the past one. AND it DOES depend on you solely. Each of us has to think that one ’s self is the last one. Don't depend on others to make the change. You make it. Mr. Wa2el Nawara, the great journalist and thinker in the posts of his great group Egypt Remembers that we should always remember: YOU are the last one. Otherwise change is impossible . Remeber the old story of the King who asked his people that each one of them would go ALONE one night and add a glass of milk to a great container in his garden or so .In the morning the container was full of water, because everyone depended on the rest and thought his glass will be of no use or difference.

Please don't do the same.
And don't be shocked of similar deeds. Put this in mind:

There is no safety for honest men except by believing all possible evil of evil men.

- Edmund Burke

May GOD bless you and help you find the HOPE inside of you. This will give you all the strength you need.
Yours Sara Adel

Unknown said...

Yea, that quote explains the indirect way Britain helped the Nazis postpone their defeat, just like our same Nazi country.

Fantasia said...

Yeah, me.. And why not me? In what way am I any different?
BTW, that took place a long time ago.. back when I was an undergraduate. I never lost hope though.. and I continued to speak my mind.. and I used to speak it out loud too. I then discovered that the political regime does not operate alone. There is whole system backing it up in so many ways.. Once I laid down the final piece in the puzzle, the image was complete. It took so long to see it. Years were wasted.. Battles were fought.. lost some and won many.. only later to see that the wins were in fact losses.. Our team has no hope in Egypt dear. Not now.. Not in our lifetime.

You said it.. When it becomes your turn, there would be no one left to object, or even to give a damn.

Anonymous said...

sorry 4 saying this but WTF is this a country of freedom speech they are talking about. i don't understand ya3ni what is their problem the man is just a publisher he didn't committed a crime wala haga he didn't even participate in the strike , what this have 2 do with the sake of national security. allah yekoun fey 3onk begad bas u must appear 2day on the TV and say what u want 2 say lazem begad take care and GOD be with isa u will get through this . heya dih masr ely enty hatmesleiha 7araam walhy.

Anonymous said...

We all knew about Amn Eldawla Ya marwa,but we never thought it would happen to us.I am so afraid about you .Please take care.

the word is a sword said...

I'm not that shocked from the situation but from u and very astonished that u haven't recognized so far "EGYPT'S MISSION" to be Egyptian...
otherwise u'll be a traitor!
you have to be loyal to the government & not to EGYPT.
it's like building a skyscraper on the sand so, when the wind comes you will find it gone with it and you will find no remains..... only sorrow
- the country is people with a government, but we are people with nothing.
so there is no EGYPT, but only on the map.
anyway go on, i wish once a day all egyptians could get back their pillaged brains and the willpower

Unknown said...


Sharkawy is an activist, be it a media activist or a political activist.

The Wara2 Al Shams program he appeared while telling people about their rights and how to say no, he made my tears fall.