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Thursday, June 4, 2009

The power of the Obama Smile

Everyone who knows me in person or has been following my blog since I started blogging is fully aware that I have a severe case of political apathy ... I really tried shaking it off but nothing worked. I am an advocate of freedom of expression and hypocrisy brings out my green-eyed monster.

Having said that, I went to bed late last night and missed out on Obama's speech today. Yes I slept. My mom woke me up with a call and she sounded 20 years younger; she was laughing and buzzing with energy.

Mom woke up at 8 and has been following the Obama visit since he landed at the airport - I was ashamed of myself. I asked her how it went and she was so happy as she said that she "loved the guy!"

I asked her what the guy said and her response was: "he is such a kind person. He is so good. He has a really good heart. I wish people would listen to him and to what he said." - Yes!!! That was my question: What did he say?!

I asked again about what he said and she responded "good things ... peace ... and forgiveness ... and he quoted the Qur'an."

I was really curious about the good things he said so I asked her to give me an example and she could not tell me one good thing he literally said ... still she was happy and over the moon with his speech. - now this is what I call charisma!

I guess I was spared the power of the Obama Smile and going through the transcript of his speech I realized that in my next PR, media, marketing, communications, presentations skills, and customer care courses I will use it ... I am serious ... the speech is a piece of art ... the choice of words, the sequence, the breaks, the flow .... and most importantly .. it says nothing ... it promises nothing ... it is just like a feel good song on a humid day in a traffic jam!


Anonymous said...

Muslims are like women: the type you can deceive with sweet words, that`s why most of them are in love with Obama.
charismatic people like Obama born to control people like Muslims.

Unknown said...

I'm thrilled that you agree that he said nothing!! I was beginning to think that it was just me!

Anonymous said...

I will attempt to not respond to Bastawisi, seeing as the common wisdom is "Don't feed the trolls!" -

And while I agree that the speech was not a real plan of action or promise, I think it was fairly honest in that it addressed some touchy issues and a lot more than other US presidents have bothered or been brave enough to do.

Also, I don't think any of us have the right to be disappointed at it. Why do we think that America is obliged to solve our problems?