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Monday, February 26, 2007

Hail thee Ostrich Land!

I had a horrible nightmare! No! I live in a horrible nightmare! I want to wake up but it is the reality that I am living.

Today, I am not a writer; I am just a girl who is seeing red with anger and I need to vent - again.

My mom is not talking to me! Why? Because I said in my relationships segment on OTV that I "interviewed some young folks that I met when I was smoking a shisha." - Yes, that's all I said.

You might think that she did not know that I smoked shisha until I shamelessly announced it on air. Wrong! She knows and she sat with me a few times as I hubbled and bubbled.

You might think that no one else knows about my disgraceful pass-temps. No! I smoke with my brother, my male cousins, my female cousins, my colleagues, my friends, and my students - I have a shisha at home that she has seen a million times!

What is her point then? It is the same lame sentence that I have been hearing all my life: "What will people say?"

This is the same logic that is used to build the fake social facades that I abhor so much.

I am quite limited when it comes to understanding such statements. Those "people", along with ghosts, demons, and spirits, are in the same category in my head - they are there but we have our separate lives and our paths don't cross. I don't fetch them and they don't come after me - end of story.

Before my mom hung up, I promised her to announce on the coming episode, that her shame of a girl moved out a few years ago because she dared grow up!

This society is made up of male and female ostriches and I will make a fortune selling their meat - for some reason that sounds familiar in a deja vu sense.

I am not defending shisha smokers ... it is a ridiculous habit; but - excuse my metaphor - I am marking my territory from people who, undeservedly, happen to have a say in my life by peeing all over them every chance I get.


Asser said...

Acid is much more effective in marking territories.

Mo'men said...

There's something i don't get?

Your mother is ok with you, smoking shisha in public i.e= action exposed infront of a small group of people but get's warmed up about you "saying" and "not smoking" it on a private TV channel?

is it the "relativity" factor that upsets her? or just the fact she has a shamless girl that proudly announces her bad habits on TV?

try to ask her? but don't argue her perspective.

P.s: Shisha is all i fancy to get through my day!

Rafik said...

smoking shisha is not healthy, I actually got a virus that attacked my vocal cords after a shisha session, however this is not the point, we have all this phobia "what would people say" the fact is that no one says anything very few will because they have nothing else to do except gossip the majority no. It is a big bubble that willblow out without damage