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Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Why am I superior?

He assumed that I felt superior because of my fair skin … I corrected him.

He wanted to know the reason behind that feeling of superiority … I ignored him.

He insisted … I decided to tell him.

I am not superior because of the color of my skin; it is rather the brightness it reflects.

I am not superior because of the color of my eyes; it is more of the look – and outlook – it projects.

I am not superior because of the shape of my lips; it is probably because of my genuine smile.

It is not the sleek hands that lure you; it is the healing touch that subdues you.

It was never about looks; it is always about how those looks react and interact.

I am superior because I have invested a fortune on my inside – that luckily has reflected on my outside.

I have the super power of dreaming. How many people do you know dare to dream? How many paint their dreams in vivid colors? How many airbrush them with feelings? How many have 3-D dreams? How many have the supernatural power of breathing life into their dreams turning them into a solid tangible reality? I dream big dreams and I focus on the little details and the minute particles of my dreams. I have made all my dreams come true and I still dream more dreams and I will make them come true too. I am superior because ordinary people give up on their dreams.

I am superior because I have defied age. Most women fear aging while I drank from the elixir of eternal youth. So even if I grow into a pathetic heap of bones, you, and other mortals, will still feel my ripe supple skin. I breathed my soul into hundreds of students in my classes – that will live forever. I have shared my spirit with hundreds of lost spirits – that will never grow old. I have made so many girls jealous because they could never be me and I have made so many men jealous because they could never have me – no matter how much I gave; it was never all of me.

I am superior because, as a friend once told me, a gallon of paint could fall from the sky right where I stood but not a drop would touch my head; the paint would defy the laws of physics to form a perfect circle around me and I would stand there untouched and untainted. Words do not stick on me, wounds do not leave scars on my skin, and pain is just a path for reaching my own nirvana. I have the power to rewrite history no matter how sad. I have the power to define the future no matter how hard. I am in love with the present and whatever I touch turns into a hen that lays golden eggs. I am superior because I have good invincible karma.


vanillabullshit said...

I'm glad you're in a place where you can realize your every dream and turn it into a tangible, enjoyable reality.

I stand corrected, more power to you :)

Marwa Rakha said...

You owe me a clarification in return though .. now since I am in a powerful position .. I might blunty ask for an elaboration on the vanilla bull shit nick:)

God said...

I've been watching you - naturally - since you were born, and I could give you an answer.
You're superior because you know how to see yourself from an angle that reflects you in the best possible way, and act accordingly.
All people are unique, but very few know they are. That's your real superiority.
Love you long time,
The Almighty

vanillabullshit said...

Hold it, HOLD IT!!

What is "invincible karma"?

The Karmic system works on the basis of a level playing field, i.e. whatever you do will eventually return to you; did you mean that you have impeccable karma, as in you've never been in a position where you were the recipient of any negative karma?

Will E. said...

Few men realize they're the Adam of this world, and few women realize they're the Eve of this world.. the world was created for us, it would be a shame not to feel special after all that.

Marwa Rakha said...

Hello Vanilla:)

It is good invincible Karma ... that means that it is so so so good that it has become invincible .. nothing can set it backwards:)

Marwa Rakha said...

Yeah Will .. if only people knew and believed in how special they are

Marwa Rakha said...

God ..... thank you God:)

Irene said...

I read this earlier this morning and then you came again to my mind ya Marwa ;)

I would add.. I am superior because I believe in love and not only receive it...
I feel I want to be part of it and share it and not only see it around me..

May the Lord light our hearts to make these "inside discoveries" and live by them...
and most importantly share them wholeheartedly with every living creature...

Wish everybody to dare to dream and pursue it...

The universe just responds...

Wish you all a very blessed 2008!

Fidodido said...

wowowowowow our guru again. most self confident woman i have ever met. i like your post marwa but why i felt that you want to proof to some one that you can live independently form any one.
p.s. i like your way in write even when u r egotist :). u r princess of our hearts and minds too . u forget to mention that:)

ayman_elgendy said...

ur superiority is special one misses julliane.....but be cautious about ur endless good invincible karma that may elevate you to the butterfly creatures level.....

( i,m getting aroud u light....oh light....don,t hurt me light....)

MechanicalCrowds said...

I like this piece a lot. Though it's usually a turn off to hear someone boast, I did not feel that here. That was strangely charming!

I would just either change the last line or take it out all together.

good stuff marwa

The Rendezvous said...

Hey Girl,

You have great posts here.I just came over from a link and I appreciate what you wrote.Your Mind.

This is the good thing with the blogs.You can write and write for us to read and read...

I am leaving a very nice comment your mum used to tell u.I read it in your blog.

Where there is a will, there is a way.

Marwa Rakha said...

Well thank you Rendezvous:)I am glad you like my blog .. I wonder how you found me ... I checked your blogs and they are all about Africa and African countries.

Marwa Rakha said...

Hey there MC:) You do not believe in Karma?

MechanicalCrowds said...

It's not about whether I believe in it or not. I just felt that the phrasing of the sentence could be better. I didn't like it cause it's too direct, it's not like the rest of the post. The adjectives "good" & "invincible" are just too to the point. The rest of the post is more allegorical than that last line. That's only my opinion though.

I still like the post a lot... deserves to be published somewhere!

Anonymous said...

Hi Marwa
I dream of making every Egyptian woman as superior as you are. I dream of Egyptian women whose hearts are unveiled and elevated. I dream of the Egyptian woman who is unashamed, liberated and unveiled. For the veil of darkness within manifests everywhere without in a woman who is ashamed, afraid and very veiled.

Marwa Rakha said...

Why did you have to be anonymous?

Anonymous said...

وماذا تنتظرون ؟؟؟؟؟؟؟؟؟؟؟

فالجريمه ضد أساتذة مصر الجامعيين جريمه كامله وبأعتراف السعوديين أنفسهم ؟
فماذا تنتظرون ياأولى الالباب؟
الم يكفيكم كلاما طوال الخمسون عاما الماضيه ؟
تحركوا الان وأنقلوا للخارجيه المصريه ومجلس الوزراء ووزارة القوى العامله تلك الشكاوى ولاتنتظروا أن يقوموا هم بأنفسهم بمشقة الاتصال بكم أو حتى قرأة مقالتكم التى تذهب أدراج الرياح
أفيقوا ياأصحاب البلوجات وياأصحاب الياقات البيضاء والزرقاء ! وأخاطبكم جميعا أفيقوا واأفعلوا شيئا لكرامتكم وكرامة كل مصرى !!!! الا تخجلون من قيام سعودى بالشكوى نيابة عنكم لحماية صفوة مجتماعتكم بالخارج ؟
هل تنتظرون قدومه وهو مقيد الحريه ومقيد الفم واللسان هناك وربما كان معتقلا بسبب جرأته غير المعهوده ! هل تنتظرون منه الحضور لمصر ومقابلة النائب العام بدلا منكم ؟ يالها من فضيحه !!!! آلا تخجلون !! أما أنت أيها الحقوقى الشجاع فلك منى كل الحب والتقدير
منى الشاذلى
قناة دريم الفضائيه