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Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Let's mutilate more women!

How would you react if you saw three young girls who are no older than eight years of innocent age holding signs calling for legalizing female genital mutilation (FGM)?

On May 23rd, I wrote a post mourning the current victimization of Egyptian women and children. Today I stumbled upon the online version of Al Dostor newspaper where Deputy Mohamed Al Omda dragged his three little girls and his mother to the People's Assembly street where they demonstrated silently against the new children's law. MB representative Dr. Abdel Hameed Zaghloul and some other ladies joined them and they all held banners and signs warning against the new laws.

Deputy Mohamed Al Omda said that this strike is a protest against the clause that incriminates FGM. He believed that we, as Egyptians, gave our backs to numerous valid "fatwas" - legislations - by trustworthy men of religion like the late Sheikh Gad Al Hak of Al Azhar. Al Omda clearly stated that "we" reject and resent all American legislations and imported laws that want to impose values and traditions that will be relinquished by the Egyptian society. The angry Deputy also warned that the impact of incriminating FGM will lead people to earlier unhealthy methods like unqualified nurses and barbers - yes barbers used to circumcise girls and boys!

Al Dostor's article quoted MB representative Dr. Abdel Hameed Zaghloul who said that he fully supports and endorses all the deputies who are against the passing of any law incriminating FGM. The MB representative added that the whole MB body, regardless of their political inclinations, are pro valid constructive opinions. "As a physician, I vote against this law that is clearly another episode of the European and American agenda to corrupt our customs and belief system that is inspired by Islam and Sunnah - a religion that pleads for virtue and preaches against profanity."

Fatma, Zeinab, and Roukia Mohamed Al Omda said that they came all the way from Upper Egypt and took their positions next to the People's Assembly in defense of Prophet Mohamed and his Sunnah, and as a statement on behalf of Egyptian girls who are against the anti-FGM law.


Seneferu said...

Most of the daily headlines in our newspapers are full of absurd stories like that. They are bad for the general health (I believe warnings by our editors should be applied, but who am I kidding, they thrive on this kind of ....) but make good subjects for blogs. Nice blog, btw. :)

Marwa Rakha said...

Hey Seneferu:) They did not make it up .. I wonder if those little girls will ever get to know what they are missing

Seneferu said...

Yes, yes, that's the sad part; they did not make it up:-)

But where is the guidance, where are the editorials, they lack the ..... . Anyway, ma 3aleina:)...