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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

I am not a virgin (Campus Magazine - October Issue)

I clarified in my earlier writings that in the eyes of God males and females are judged on the same criteria and I have always wondered about our society and how it applauds something when it is done by one gender and then condemns that very same thing when it is done by the other gender knowing that all religions forbade that thing. I never understood how a man could choose a lie over the truth and how God's most favored creature could be so ruthless and judgmental when it came to his female counterpart. This dilemma has pushed girls to extremes; those who have complete sexual relations with the exception of intercourse, those who have "backdoor" sex, and those who have hymen reconstruction surgeries.

Here is my reply to the all the girls who lost their virginity and cannot move on:

I want you to understand that you are not alone and I also want you to understand that it is also not the end of the world.

1) Losing your virginity does not mean that you are a slut

2) Having sex with a man you love makes you human - nothing less and nothing more.

3) We live in a society that loves lies and is in love with liars ... you are better than them ... way better.

4) God is not a God of hatred and punishment ... God is loving and forgiving ... God does not look at your outside ... veil or no veil is not the question ... God looks at your inside and at your actions ... do not let anyone tell you otherwise.

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ana ga3an said...

it's a very creative and aiming blog i'll take a rest here and back again

just a suggestion
if u remove the moderation and drop the word modification
it will be easier to correspond with you

Anonymous said...

hahahaha the word "backdoor" sex made me crack up.

when i find my girl, I'll ask her not to tell about her past at all, I'll judge her for present only.

He and She said...

Listen Marwa, Not all lies are evil lies. We often lie to beautify. You can see that in 100s of things we do everyday. Because the wedding night is one night of a life time we try to beautify the most at that day. If the woman is excused to lie by putting eyeliner to show her eyes wider, if she is excused to wax to show her skin smoother, if she is excused to lie by hiring the best hairdresser to make her hair looks silky, then I do not think it is wrong that in the wedding day before she goes to the hairdresser to have a 30 minute visit to the Doctor and have an invisible stitch that make her looks virgin. It is just one of those lies that are meant to beautify the image. However since it is a lie by definition then we shouldn't announce it

Anonymous said...

hey guys you talk about the issue as it's an issue of being virgin or not but it's not the deal here the thing you should be thinking of is god.
and apparently you think of god the wrong way. you think of god like god's one of us but hey he created us he oreders he doesn't ask.and god forbade the act of sex before marriage for our own sake as we can see how many stds spread all over the world that can only be manged by following god's orders.
so we shouldn't think about virginity because people will think that a girl is a slut if she's not a virgin but we should know that she should stay a virgin because she wants to follow god's orders not people's thoughts of her.
and marwa if a girl has sex with the man she loves is totally acceptable but only after marriage cuz if i had to choose between god's orders and the ones i love i'd choose god not someone god created.
so please don't encourage people to oppose god's orders cuz you'll contribute in destroying a society that needs no more problems.
and don't get your ideas from the west and just imply them without comparing them to god's orders and take only what doesn't oppose them.
oh may i ask about you religion pls?
here's my email if you want to talk about it more (kooty101@hotmail.com)

Rana said...

Anonymous, i agree with what u r saying about Human following God orders but Marwa is not encouraging gurlz to lose it and not feel sorry for losing it! The issue here is about the gurlz who already lost it due to alot of circumstances; Neglect, 5azo2, not mature enough in making right decision ..etc. Moreover, it seems that u r close to good alhamdAllah, but not all people has seen the light yet, and this goes for all kind of religion, malhash da3wa be Islam or Christianity.. we are talkin about a general topic. and btw WE ALL DO MISTAKES and ' خير الخطائون التوابون