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Thursday, February 12, 2009

Asser's Harassers - Egyptian blogger violated

Asser Yasser is an Egyptian female blogger who recently moved to Mokattam area with her family. Her maid complained of how she got harassed on the street on her way to or from Asser's home. Her 15 year old niece who lives with them complained of the violating words that she gets bombarded with on her way to and fom school. And one day Asser made a horrible mistake and decided to walk to a kiosk 200 meters away from home to buy her kids some candy. How dare she walk in the street? How dare she leave her car behind?

On her way home, some teenagers in parked cars that reeked of hash used cuss words, followed her, tried to grab her, encircled her with their vehicles, and the poor woman and her niece felt trapped. People looked from their balconies and no one lifted a finger to help her. She called the police from her mobile phone as she stood there in utter terror and shortly after officer Mohab came to her rescue. He was almost run down by the fleeing cars. One guy stayed behind and said that he was not involved and that he was only watching from his car. Asser Identified him as one of the harassers and they all went to the station to file a formal report.

It got more interesting when the father of the 19 year old harasser snaped at Asser telling her to pick on someone her age. The father did not see or realize the gravity of what his son did. Now the father, the officers, and many others are begging Asser to drop the charges for the sake of the "poor kid's" future.

Bloggers tell her not to ....
Memebers of Kolena Laila tell her not to ...
I personally tell her not to .... it is her right ... it is our right to walk in the street feeling some sort of security ... the harasser and his friends did not think of their futures when they were getting high, when they violated her, or when she begged them to spare someone the age of their mother. No Asser ... do not give in to pressure


Anonymous said...


May said...

Asser don't drop the charges. And don't drop the charges especially for the sake of the "poor kid's" future, so that they learn from their mistakes and other "poor Kids" learn too. (Me)

hovercraftm said...

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daktara said...

in english too
on your eyes ya tager
وعلي عينك يا تاجر

شكلها باظط
انظر حولك
د. خالد عزب

daktara said...

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even u marwa use this ugly approval
I thought that u are more democratic to allow every one to say what he wanna say

شكلها باظط
انظر حولك
د. خالد عزب

Marwa Rakha said...

Hey ya Daktara:)

Some comments are very nasty and offensive .. those are the ones I block but I never block comments who disagree with me:)

Innate_Inanenuss said...

What kind of a sick society is this!!!

la2 she ought to drop the charges...she should. Plz don't lie to this woman by telling her that she'd be putting an end to the harassment problem in Egypt that way if she pressed on with the charges and put that kid behind bars..she'd not be even helping that way. She just isn't and won't this way. Neither does that kid represent all the harassers not is she or will she be the only victim. She'd be merely just taking it personally with that kid if she continued further and didn't forgive him; nothing more or less..the harassment would still continue. That kid and many others are victims of a culture just as much as she's a "victim of him".

For Gods sakes, that kid is only 19...isn't he allowed to make mistakes in his life...and go astray at some point?!! Not because he acted upon some crazy hormones during this evolving period of his life should we all consider him a criminal. In my opinion, I think forgiving that kid would actually do him and the harassment case in Egypt a big favor...I mean that kid would be indebted to her and all her likes till the rest of his life and would never consider harassing another female on the street again...'cos he'd be grateful then to women..truly indebted to them...he'd truly respect them then. Only then, can I say that Asser has made a step in turning a harassing into a real respectful gentleman...only then would she --and her likes then - be truly on the track of putting an end to the harassment problem in Egypt.

One last thing u should all consider; One should not do a thing just because that one's afraid of the law but rather because he's truly convinced that that thing's actually "wrong"...or unacceptable or undoable according to his beliefs. In other words, It's better that one does not do a thing because he knows it's wrong than not do it just becuz he's afraid of the law.