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Saturday, November 13, 2010

Egypt’s Emergency Law Strikes Again! - Marwa Rakha

Egypt’s Emergency Law Strikes Again! - Marwa Rakha

He also addressed the president saying:

You are fast asleep and you don't know how messed up things have become; but I am sure you know how your government officials are behaving! You have no mercy! Your gang is running loose killing citizens and all you care about is the presidential chair. You are at war against your own people! Your gang will not protect you! If Egypt were invaded by some foreign country, they will run, and you will run, but we will stay and defend our country. This is our country and we want to be free from your occupation. When will you leave? When will Hosni Mubarak and his gang leave? When? We need a change! We need a drastic change away from this stagnant government!

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