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Sunday, August 3, 2008

Did you just get dumped?

The deadline was approaching and I had no clue what I was going to write about this issue; Rola wanted something light to go with the laid back summer spirit and fun vacations. I thought of summer flings but I was not very enthusiastic about the idea. I waited and waited until I was finally rewarded ... I got dumped ... now I have something to write about! I kid you not this is exactly what happened and instead of curling up in bed and crying my eyes out I decided to abuse my abused heart and make a fun feature out of my not-so-funny experience.

I have not been dumped in a while - not because I have been a good girl but rather because I have been avoiding exclusive relationships and commitment. People came and went but my emotional stability was intact. Until some vain streak took over and I thought that I was ready for giving my all to one person. Deluded me thought that I grew immune to being dumped - why would any man in his right mind dump a girl like me? Other than the looks and the brains, I do not nag, far from clingy, a good listener, supportive, understanding, and could be fun.

The dumping scenario triggered my long history of messed up relationships and I decided to list for you the top ten repetitive lines a man says when he is hesitating or when he is walking away - be it in the very beginning of the relationship or at any stage:

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1 comment:

HeNaWy said...

im so sad for you and the main issue is that all the points you put is so true as well.
what can i say...bab el nagar me7'ala3 :)

cheer up...you're a Survivor