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Monday, February 16, 2009

Ask Marwa: My mom is prettier than I am

Dear Marwa

I have a huge problem that is making me miserable. I wish I was never born. Would you believe me if I told you that my mom is the cause of my misery? I will tell you why; my mom is gorgeous. She is this beautiful tall model-looking blond whereas I look like my dad. I am not ugly but next to my mom I look like a dull ordinary girl. When my friends meet her, they do not believe that I am the daughter of this pretty woman. They ask me why I look nothing like her.

The guys at school, instead of showering me with compliments, the first thing they tell me is how wonderful my mom looks. I was performing in a play at school and she stole my light just by showing up. I am beginning to feel jealous of her and I asked her not to pick me up from school again. I do not want to go into details about what happens on the beach, at weddings, or even while walking with her on the street. I love her but her presence hurts me.

The ugly duckling

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Anonymous said...

your answer here is amazing! really a dr of hearts and feelings! :) best wishes dear Marwa :)


Anonymous said...

I have something to tell you. Your mother has really suffered holding you constantly during pregnancy. She then suffered a lot taking care of you while an infant. You would never understand this till you are a mom (In Shaa Allah). I am a very new dad and I just recognize how my mom and dad suffered just to maintain my life while I was a new born. If the least thing that you can do to your mom as a thanks and appreciation, I would say it would be to get rid of all the jealousy feelings you encounter, and replace them with more love, respect, appreciation, and thanking to her for being your mom. You are not rivals, you are rather of the same side.

Di said...

I never noticed that I have the same problem except when i started to meet potential husbands! My mum is beautiful and of a white complexion while I have a light brown color. I remember that once one of them visited us with his mother and his youngest sister. After they saw me, they started commenting on my mum and how I do not look like her at all! During the two hours, the mother talked about the conditions upon which she will choose a wife to her son and of course the most of which is having a fair complexion. I forgot to say that they themselves have a dark complexion and all the qualifications of her son were his green eyes!!! I wondered didn’t they ever look into the mirror! Who gave them the right to insult me! Is having a brown complexion a mistake? I was really hurt and my mum too. I am not vicious and I am sorry to say that, but I wish this mother would suffer the same with her daughter.