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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

To vote or not to vote? What difference does it make? - Marwa Rakha

To vote or not to vote? What difference does it make? - Marwa Rakha

Sixth: Nothing will ever change! The change demanded by the people does not need another one man show with all the strings and puppets in his hands! If any change is to be seen, Egypt needs a president who is against centralization! This country needs a president who has a vision and shares it properly with every single citizen, the courage to empower ministers, associates, syndicate heads, and organization chiefs, and the firmness to create monitoring schemes in collaboration with civil society organizations. This man needs to let go of power and embrace accountability and responsibility. The men who are fighting over the scepter are all greedy for power, full of baloney, and in love with their own reflection!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

If you didn't vote you only had yourself to blame and change doesn't happen only with the government. The Egyptian people overthrew an elitist dictator and now the elitist aren't happy with a thing. Though most of Egypt is not well off. Over thirty percent below or at the poverty line and all people do is complain about the political figures when the PEOPLE voted for them. The working, middle, upperclass, it didn't matter. They were Egyptian citizens and they voted. Change starts with the people. Once they change their attitudes toward one another and stop expecting things to change, they will.