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Monday, April 20, 2015


Published in Identity Magazine - April 2015
My bestfriend for 6 years is the love of my life. I opened the subject, indirectly, of us being together and she ignored it. Since then, I never tried to talk about it again because I’m too scared of losing her. She’s been giving me signals before and after I brought it up. She’s really cute and cares about me. What shall I do?

Dear Confused Man
Please do not talk about this again with your best friend and let me tell you why not. Every woman has eyes at the back of her head and advanced sensory devices that she was born with. Such luxuries allow her to unmistakably know when a man likes her more than a friend. She can sense the long gaze even when she is not looking. She can pick up the vibes and literally read your mind. She could know if you are thinking of a family and kids, endless romantic dates, or just sex.
Your friend knows exactly how you feel and she chose not to clearly respond to your advances. This could be interpreted in a variety of ways:

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