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Friday, November 30, 2007

SOS – The Relationships Guru needs Help!

On this page, now and today, I shamelessly take off my seven hats of experience and step out of my grand cloak of wisdom. I stand naked and shivering before you – my readers – seeking advice. This time my prince-charming is wearing a white coat and driving a Mercedes. He has a ten year old ring on his left hand ring finger, three angels of his creation, and he wants to take care of me for better or for worse. He wants to go back in time and marry the girl who loved him blindly and unconditionally 20 years ago – yes 20! Not a typo! Were you in my 33 year old independent shoes what would you do? Is this the last rescue boat in the storm or is that a test of the strength of my beliefs? Is he a true knight in shining armor or a dream’s butcher in disguise?

For starters, he was shocked when he met me; instead of the OTV star he was expecting, he saw the modest middle class working girl that I am. I was comfortably wearing my face with no makeup, no fancy jewelry, jeans, a wide sweater, and black sneakers. He told me that I needed a makeover and that he was the right man to see me through it. His prescription started with antioxidants, some growth drink/shake, a full medical checkup, a visit to the skin doctor, and at a later stage a boob job to give me the ultimate Haifaa Wahby look. I kid you not – I sat there with a smile on my face listening to him tell me how skinny, pale, tired, underfed, and neglected I looked.

Then with lots of love and tenderness he told me how much he adored me and that he would adore me even more were I to relinquish my silly independence dogmas and like a good girl, move back home with my mother who needed me the most. In the mean while, I could work more seriously on my relationship with God and walk in the path of light instead of the utter darkness that I have embraced over the past years. He assured me that I needed a heavy blow from fate to sober me up from my delusions and maybe then I would go back to God’s way. Concluding his manifesto of love, he reminded me that he was a man but he was still willing to forgive my past and would honor me with the golden opportunity to redeem myself and to be the decent wife and the loving mother that he was certain I could become.

As he was trying to save me from the brothel of a life that I am leading, he continuously assured me that he loved me and wanted to make me happy; that he pitied me yet fully sympathized with me; that all the men in my life despised me but he still respected me; that I belonged to him and that he sincerely cared for me; that I deserved to finally be with him after all the love and persistence that I showed in the past; that he loved me for who I was and that I was physically unattractive to him in all ways or forms; that had he seen me in the street he would have never noticed me and that I was too much of a tomboy to appeal to a real man like himself. Before we concluded the date, out of generosity and benevolence, he told me that I was not exceptionally successful, that I have wasted my life on absolutely nothing, and that he had no ulterior motives – he was not even physically attracted to me!

So ladies and gentlemen – as you could tell – I am completely lost and totally confused. I have a very generous marriage proposal from a man who came back to his senses, after 20 years, to show me how much he loved me and how much he cared for me. I am seriously depending on you to tell me what to do, or how to respond to prince-charming. I will hold you accountable if I took the wrong decision and I would be highly disappointed if you did not take the time and effort and respond to my SOS shouts. I have always been there for you and now I want to see if you would return the favor. I promise to share your replies and advice with him – uncensored!

Love always


Fidodido said...

Marwa, i was totally confused when i read this sos for first time but i was tell it to my friend , she is like u exactly in the same age and circumstances of u and she told me that u have to know this guy again because 20 years is a long time and among this years u completely differ in personality and experience. hurts u have among this years of course turns u to another person and he is the same like u . so u should give space to know each other again and if u like him go and marry him. for me i agree with her opinion and u did not waste your life at all u have this success and people love and i think this worth much so he must admit with your success and your personality first this gives u more respect in your relationship with him. this is my opinion and i pray for u to reach to decision in this matter.

nourita said...

Mais ca va pas la tête!!!
Who is he to judge u this way?!

...are u ready to change and follow his advice?
Is he willing to accept u as u are?
Will u be happy while sharing your man?
Will u be his priority?
Will he be able to give the love, care and attention that u deserve??
What abt his wife?
Will his children be happy while knowing that their father is sharing his love and affection btw two homes?
What are the reasons behind a second marriage? What are ur guarantee that he won't marry a 3rd and 4th...
I know that we tend to idealize things, but you have to look at it with some realism
Obviously he wants to change you, and he has already a family and a life.
Think abt it, if you can imagine yourself in such story….the decision is yours

islam yousef said...

follow ur heart

Askandarani said...

Beware of Greeks Bearing Gifts. and in your case, the gifts are promises.

Passionate mind said...

come on people :))))

Hera is playing one of her old tricks here:)) and certainly enjoying it:)

Marwa is just teasing around....and the thing about her being confused and all is mere sarcasm......she s just making fun of the guy and teasing her friends a bit while at it:)

this girl is much richer and more valuable than to sell herself to a guy who sees her as a worthless piece of furniture that he will grace by putting in his house....and she knows it....so for those who love this amazing human being called marwa...myself included.....rest assured that the guy got the answer he deserved:)

Sawah said...

Taming of the shrew. Is it? or love? I say NO . He loves what he can make out of you not necessarily you. When I love someone I love them the way they are without trying to change them because I will not be able to change them and will be setting myself with failure as a result of my disappointment that the image I draw for my loved ones are different than their true self ....BIG NO... unless the white coat and the Mercedes has some to do with it ...I doubt it.

Sawah said...

*He told me that I needed a makeover * Since you said uncensored I'd like to add DUMB HIS ASS & do not look behind. The girl he loved 20 years ago is now an independent grown up lady with a mental maturity surpasses his by decades ...Believe me I'm an Egyptian man and I know how he thinks exactly.

Ravine said...

Where did you find such a perfect unerring angelic being capable of judging your life and rectifying the error of your ways so generously?
Usually, I think that the combination of a whole family on the side and someone who is trying to change everything about you down to your bra size is a clear indication of what a pompous jackass he is. I'm sorry to insult him this way but I can't help it.

It's also quite interesting,in a schizophrenic sort of way that he wants to lead you back to the path of God when he's proposing to emotionally destroy and abandon the woman he's been married to for 10 years after she bore his three children. Unless 10 yrs is the expected expiry date on all his spouses. You know, like a car.

If I understood correctly, he's a doctor and since you're planning to share our comments with him uncensored, please ask him if there are particular sections they only give to male medical students that teach one how to be an arrogant, sexist jerk because those seem to be common traits among many young male doctors for some reason.

Rafik Nakhla said...

How on earth you let him put you down so much? how did you accept all this criticism, the relationship will never be balanced you will give he will take all the way. there is one point that I missed is he still married?
How come he knows the way to god? How come he finds you unattractive and yet wants to marry you?
Is this an Egyptian silly soap opera.
My dear Marwa wake up you deserve better that that. 20 years ago you were only 13 and that would have been a crush of a teenager nothing more.
Please turn him down this is going to create another sitting duck.

Irene George said...

Marwa, you deserve much better!
You know what, though it sounds weird, I would be proud for all his descriptions...it shows you are on a track of achieving something..a pearl being polished ;)

Jody Finver said...

Ok so I read the post and my eyes were bugging out of my head. Then I read the comments and though hmm am I missing something? So I read it again and started laughing so hard. And then I read the comments again.

But now I wonder if I am just applying my Western sensibilities and humor... because I read it as you being sarcastic and appalled. But the comments take it all so seriously.

I take it by the ring on the finger he was even shopping for an additional wife? Sounds more like he wants a mannequin.

I did some looking into isbn.. you want me to see what i can find out from the states?

ok so tell me if you were serious or joking.. i have to think you were just sickened literally.

i can not wait to buy your book!!! I want a signed copy.


Shimaa Gamal said...

Hello Marwa

I will take this serious; though reading your words I felt that you more like wanted a tip on how to kill a man in three clean steps without being caught.

So, my dear these are my tried tips. The guy is liar. He wants a mistress not a wife because he already has one. He will pull back with the 1st sign of approval from your side, but given that he sounds too experienced so he won’t directly pull back. He will bargain to get as much as he can.
The things he said about how he isn’t attracted to you physically prove that he is. Men, as you know my dear, are attracted to the hardest catch. And yes my dear you are a hard catch. You are way out of many men’s league. He worked a very well known approach, by putting you under the pressure of feeling unattractive. Then following the same approach he will assure you that regardless how unattractive you are he will always love you.

So, now you have two ways to go. The 1st and safest is to ignore him. He doesn’t even worth a moment of thinking. The 2nd and my most favored, is to work him a little. He deserves a souvenir to remind him not to mess with the wrong persons.
Just don’t kill him, and if you decided to do. I will send you the three steps plan ;). A plan that reminds me of the old series Mizo (3amlya nedeefa 100%)

Tell him that you don’t like the package, a wife and three kids are too much for you to take. I bet he will say things about divorce and keeping the kids with their mum. When he does, bounce back :) tell him to come back when he does.
Oh, my God. This is good enough to be an old Egyptian movie LOOL

rafik nakhla said...

Did you really make fun of us? if yes what a wicked mind you are. we all look foolish to fall for this trick, beware the next time you will cry wolf very hardly you will get the help you really need.
at the end this is a nice candid camera scenario.

Will E. said...


trick question

NileGirl said...

Lol I highly advise the following and this is what I would do:

Laugh and tell him to kiss my white ass while I walk away from his. Oh and of course to give the wife and kids my salams. :)

Anonymous said...

He can go fuck himself! malo da?!(you said uncensored babe ;))

we certainly want you to stay with us in the valley of darkness Marwa :D we would never let you goooooooo. ha ha ha

la bas begad.. I hate people like that!!! these're the people who contaminate the world.
people who think they're little gods or angels or something.. and that they've the right to judge others and "pity" them. (3ala asas enohom weslo lel falsafa)

well, I certainly pity his narrow minded ass!!

It was the face of fate smiling at you when life tore you apart 20 years ago ! :D

Khaled said...

ElRagel wants to make a decent woman of you.. Kattar Kheroo wallahee.. Ana mesh 3aref kontee hate3melle eih men gherooo.. Bas if you ever were curious read an older posting about few words i said.
The famous KN

Yudishtra Jeganathan said...

Good on you - tell that maniac off in your own unique way. Such characters need to be put in their rightful place. Well done.

Yudishtra Jeganathan said...

I finished reading the novel "Bollywood Nights" by Shoba De. Have you read any of her stuff - she's pretty good. Like you, writes about similar issues but revolving around India. I want to share the following pages in her book because it is apt to what you are writing on:

pg 254 -" .....Aasha Rani had heard him out attentively. She now chose her words with care, "Jay, you have been wonderful all these years. In a way, you saved my life. God knows what might have happened to me if I hadn't met you in that disco. I was sick of living. Sick of deception. So many people had betrayed me so many times...You helped me put my life back together again. You showed me that another, better life was possible for a woman like me. In India, no man, that is no decent man, would have married me, given me his name, looked after me the way you have done. If I had found a husband, it would have been some scoundrel after my money, or marrying me for fame...How can I ever repay you for all of that?"

- Marwa, my dear, there may be a better life out there. You just need to find the right person to lead you to it.

Yudish said...

pg 287 - "....she wished Jay was around. If not Jay, then any other man. She loathed acknowledging her dependance on men but at times like this, they had their uses."

Marwa, I bet you my last dollar that we both agree this is bollocks (excuse my language but it is most appropriate in this context). We do not need to depend on others. There is always family. What say you?

pg 289 - "...She'd seen enough of that. Men heady with power and success, treating their wives like dispensable commodities. Why did these men ever marry, she wondered. Why did Akshay? For status, prestige and acceptability. A successful man in any filed needs a grand home. A wife to look after it. Two good looking children and the other domestic trappings."

Marwa, such are men today and there are only a few of us, the rare breed, that is more balanced in saying sexes are equal and that both have equal contribution to the success of a relationship/marriage.

Yudish said...

pg 291 - "....Sometimes she felt like asking appa (dad in the Tamil language) why he'd treated her mother that way. Once she'd tried. Appa had shaken his head sadly and replied, "Men are cruel. Very cruel. There is no justice in this world. And, no equality between men and women. Don't believe that a marriage alters that balance. Sometimes it only makes it worse. Power lies with the purse - remember that. Whoever controls that, controls the relationship. When you review your own marriage, you will realize the truth of what I am saying. The only difference is that some men can control their true feelings of superiority. These men are called "cultured". Other men display them openly. They make their wives feel under constant obligation. That is the best way to keep them suppressed." Hmmm - what do you think about this?

Hesham El Zeini said...

Hell nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

I leave you for a couple of months and come back to find you lost in a maze of your own doings?????? wake up!!!!!!

Is Marwa Rakha in distress or the female inside Marwa who is in distress?????? They are two things completely different.

When Marwa is in distress, she takes over very quickly because she is bright intelligent resourceful and full of wit!!!!!!

When the female in her is in distress, I know that it is usually a momentary laps of reason and Marwa will take control over it again.

The day I will be frightened is when Marwa will discover that she is a female with needs.
Have you reached that reality?

If yes, then you know you will have to do the thing you always avoided so much: COMPROMISE.

You will have to stop being picky, you will have to stop being sarcastic and bitter in criticism, you will have to give up being a natural born flirt and restrict yourself to one male for the continuity of your fruitful life, you will have to give up the great gala dinners, paparazzi to rush home and cook dinner. You will have to share your bed, you will have to share your bathroom, and you will have to get rid of your cats because males have a two legged definition for PUSSY, not four.

You will not be the only one in this difficult situation, I will be as well!!!!!!!!!!!

What happened to Marwa my friend, the great conqueror of Female fear since Hoda Shaarawy?

I might have not always been on your side of thoughts, actions or behavior ya Marwa, nevertheless I have always accepted you for what you are and most of all, who you are. I might have caused you pain, grief and sadness throughout my own relations, yet they have vanished and you are the one who has survived.

Pull it all together back in your controlling hand, or I will come kick you’re a..
P.S: did the above work?hehehehehehehehehehehehehehe

kantylis said...


Anonymous said...

yeah right:-)

i just love ur sarcasm..what's more funny is how others are commenting and feeling bad for u:-)

Pink Unicorn said...

I don’t think that you’re truly considering it.
The way you’re listing all the terrible things he said, that must’ve left you furious with rage ; it says you wouldn’t ..
Anyway I guess it’s an obvious no no , nobody would even consider such a proposal.

Dina Kozman said...

Good job marwa!!
u put it all in the best words ever!
i love your sarcasm.

this article is exactly what he deserves... u shd forward it to him :)

Ramzi Gargour said...

What is wrong with you Egyptian women. The moment a jerk flashes the promise of a ring you forget everything and jump in the fray. He has got kids, he ll have you always as second class citizen . i am a divorced father of three girls. i am probably his age and i tell u if i had you , with all the admiration i muster , i will never have u as an equal to my kids.
you are an emancipated , smart , beautiful woman, who has a mind of her own. the fact he call upon u to repent your ways an seek god would scare me to bits. what next a scarf and no makeup. Oh for heavens sake the world does not need another breeding cow.U are a gem among pebbles don't... just don't.

Novascotia said...

well ... I know u r just teasing us here....I am sure he is not even worth the time u spent listening to him... huh typical many Egyptian men ?!!!

Radwa said...

u have always been the sarcasm queen...i bow to you this time...am undone...btw,i have been laughing for the past hour...thanks for making my day

ps: i HAVE to know what was ur reply,pleaaaaaaaaaseeeeeeeeee

Marwa Kamel said...

men as i told you before , like round objects hehehehe .. and fully made up women and whatever ... he is really interesting wearing his white coat ... he is DOC i assume ... and a mercedes .. wow you should have played along gurl ...

if he can not understand that you are like super models ,who are dressed to impress on cat walks .. and in the mornings they are relaxed then he is an idiot .. then again , it would not hurt to have make up it is fun :PPPPPPPPPPPPPP

Amanda Riggs said...

Dear Marwa,

What does your heart truly tell you to do in this situation?

If I were in your shoes I know I would want prince charming to sweep me off my feet. I need to be loved, to feel loved, to have a companion in my life who takes care of me, who holds my hand and runs his fingers through my hair when I cry. I need to feel I have a partner to walk with me when I face problems, who supports me when I am wrong and guides me to the right path, who does not judge me when I make mistakes, and who still loves me for my faults.

Having noted my needs, I still can pay my bills, I can move to another country and make it here on my own, I can survive and flourish simply with my own two hands. I am strong and I am capable to do it all alone. But as a human being, I wish not to do it alone. I need someone by my side and I look for that person to balance me and be my equal. Sometimes I feel at contradiction with myself. Yet, I know I can have the best of both worlds.

This man has defied everything you are, stripped you down to your insecurities, and tries to make you feel guilty and unworthy for what you are. At the end of the day, you are your own creation, evolving and growing all the time. You are not his doll to dress up and put makeup on. He does not own you and cannot control you. If it is love you want, you need to let love into your heart so that it find you. If it is security you need, your will can bring it to you. If it is friendship and companionship, you build those relationships with the people around you. If it is God you want, you let him into your heart. Im sorry but I am skeptical of this man. He sounds to me like he is manipulative and hit on all the right cords telling you exactly what you wanted to hear because you let him and gave him the words before he opened his mouth. Dont let the weakness of wanting to be loved lower your standards.

What can he truly offer you? If he buys you a house, clothing, food, and takes you out, he only buys you false security. You have that on your own (just maybe not as much money as he is offering but ...) What is the love that he offers? Wanting to change you? If you want to be better than love supports you in your choices, not his telling you how to change. Would you be fulfilled with what he has to offer? Would he always say you are not good enough and he wants to change you into something else? It is a slippery slope. Where does it end?

Honestly, your independent dogma is what makes you who you are. Your mother may need you, but he is manipulating you. In his eyes you lead the path of darkness, but thats his definition. When you get married, you will still be the best wife and loving mother you were always meant to be, just not on his terms. Who says you need to be saved? The feeling of being loved and supported is different and not to be confused with being rescued. He said you belonged to him? As a possession like his mercedes? What exactly does he respect and love about you? A person can say those empty words but unless they are backed by definition and substance, like "I love how you were kind to the street girl, or I respect that you have integrity in your work and were honest with your boss when you made a mistake" - those are substantive statements, not empty ones. Ask him to define what he means ... If he loved you he wouldn't have left for 20 years.

Anyway, this is getting long but I hope you get many responses that help you see all sides of the situation so you can make the best decision that is right for only you.

Take care,

Lamia Ahmed said...

Marwa dear,
Yes this guy is lying but not in the fact that he wants to marry you; cause he probably does. He is lying about physically unattracted to you. Marwa, men primarily are driven by their sexual orientation and this guy is no different. The reason he is denying it, is either because he wants to deprive you of your glowing self confidence so u accept him or he just does not want to sound too desperate. In light of this conclusion, I want you to be completely honest with yourself; is being with a man what you want? Do you want a family? do you mind him being married? Its your right to want to be with someone and I wont judge you for it. I hope no one would.

Amr said...

As a guy I wouldn’t wait 20 years till I meet the love of my life again after 10 years marriage!! Then propose!! However, follow your heart and don’t collect too much opinions and votes, take the decision and just ignore us...because in case you took a positive decision and let’s assume it was the right decision, you will always remember the negative opinions which will keep playing with ur mind and ur feelings and you might roiling the relation yourself from hesitation, Esta7’eri
And remember ya Marwa.. Too much info negatively affects the decision making abilities :)

Sawah said...

Well Marwa went MISSING...

Marwa Please tell me that you are not with him right now. Do not drink anything he gives you especially if it was 7AGA SAFRA.

Ahmed said...

give sometime ya marwa, don rush things, time will let you know if he is serious or not & you will know exactly wuts his attention, cuz i feel he is trying to look perfect or he is pretending, one more thing, why i feel that z guy make a brain wash to you, u wasn't that easy, just give it some serious thinking ,if u need my openion, when something is too perfect , i starts to get worried. cheers

Becky said...

if i were u in tht date i would have kicked his ass 1000000000000000 times !
and as Lamia said OFCOURSE he is LYING big time about the physical thing..
bas, is he REALLY NOW the guy you still want or its just a attraction and an old love u want to re-new and with it u gonna change who u r now ?!
I hounstly dont like tht he came and tellin u wht u should do ! or making u think twice of the diseccion u took long-time ago!

but Marwa darling with any choice u ill take I will wish you all the happiness, luck, love and passion for all your life.

Ghada Massoud said...

Dear Marwa... Truly i do not know the whole story... you know whole stories need to be told over a huge cup of Lattee :))
Honey dear ,,, men are the same anywhere you look,,, i to know a guy since collage,... he is married and got kids... i was married before...
and to my surprise we found each other after years and years...
Now he calls me honey and 7abibi!!!
Why i ask myself .... Could he be bored of his life? ... aren't we all ?!

I for (1) will not cheat myself on being the first priority in any man's life ...

Do not confuse dear ... true love ... for true friendship...To me ... once my brain thinks and asks .. then i truely ask my soul .... and i find the answer is NO.

Am waiting for my cup of Lattee :)) You got my number!!

Love, Light and Lots of Kisses....

Walaa said...

Personally, I grew angry from ur man when I read the blog. What ever he said is not true. The basic thing for a relation is respect 7abibi ,please dont get angry I didn't find a trace of it in the way he did judge u.He did make u look like a SLUT. A man who respects u will bow to u because U are a MARVELLOUS creature, pretty,independant,talented,successful...Who is he to judge u if u r distant from God!!!

The idea Marwa,he was threatened by ur success and maturity.Remember u r a wild duck ...Not any man can like a wild duck.He wants to tame u to a duck which is less threatning and this is not love!!

Above all , he does not sound respectful,he wants to change everything u r even the size of ur BRA.He played a trick to blow off ur confidence, make u feel worthless so he can turn you to that desperate woman who can accept any man to warm her cold bed at night?!

I do roar it high Maro, NOTHING OF WHAT HE SAID IS TRUE, U DESERVE ALL THE RESPECT AND A BETTER MAN...yet no one can answer the question better than u ....if u will marry him, will u feel safe with him and around him.
Will this be life and the family you always dreamt of ....

We all LOVE u and appreciate u being there for us.The friend in need is a friend indeed!!!

See Maroo , there is an egyptian proverb elderly tell me when we talk about marriage,

with all my love,

Marwa Rakha said...

Hello guys and girls .... You really are great friends ... all of you .. the ones I know in person and the ones I might once meet:)

Fidodido and Sawah ... I did not go missing and I was not ignoring your advice at all ... it was interesting to read your thoughts and to have a semi overview of how similar or how different people are.

Marwa Rakha said...

Let me start by a horrible confession:

I am not confused ... never was - with that particular guy - and this article was my wicked twisted way of getting back at him without even dirtying my hands.

I was ruthlessly sarcastic and in the coming comment I will share with you my immediate reply to his attacks.

Passionate Mind really saw through me and I could not have put it better:)

Marwa Rakha said...

Here are basically my responses to him

1) I do not like or admire men of your kind because they are very judgmental and narrow minded ... to them if the other person is not like them then he is against them .. then he is bad!!

2) Thank God - the god that I believe in - that not all men are like that ... not all men look at women as meat and not all men translate life via such iron dogmas

3) You are full of faults and flaws yourself ... do not think that you any better than "the rest" ... you just think you are smarter .... you try to legalize everything when in fact you are living in a big lie ... one big lie .... look closer into yourself and you will find a person who is totally manipulative in a parasitic way ... greedy to the maximum and shamefully arrogant and self conceited .... talk to me about sins in Islam again!! You do not even have the spirit!

4) The fact that you do not understand my independence or my life or my relationships does not give you the right to judge me or to feel that you are doing me a favor by seeing me/ marrying me ....

5) You are not good enough .. you are not even half as good ... not physically, not mentally, and certainly not emotionally.

6) As for your wife, there is no bad woman in bed ... there is just a man who brings out the worst in her.

7) Any serious commitment is out of the question ... I do not need/want anything you might have to offer.

8) If your friendship means interfering in my life that much ... uninvited .... then I do not see this friendship working either.

Marwa Rakha said...

Now having read your comments, I will respond to each and every one of you briefly:

Fidodido, if you ever meet a woman .. and you are madly in love with that woman .. then that woman does not love you as you are for who you are ... that woman puts you down instead of pushing you forward .. then that woman is history - same applies to the doc. in question:)

Marwa Rakha said...

Nourita ... welcome to my blog:)

I love your objective approach and analytical skills:) You summed it all up in one point .. who the hell is he to judge me

Marwa Rakha said...

Islam Youssef .. hello:) The is nothing left in the heart.

Askandarani .. very brief yet very wise.

Passionate Mind .. you read me like an open book

Marwa Rakha said...

Sawah ... I do appreciate your advice:) - well said and well put. He loves what he could make out of me ... Lots of guys are like that.

Marwa Rakha said...

Ravine ... i love your sophisticated whipping:)

All male doctors are like that? ..emmmm worth a post:)

Marwa Rakha said...

Dr. Rafik:) As usual very concerned and very sincere:) - trust me he got what he deserved:)

Marwa Rakha said...

Irene .. keep it up girl:)

Jody .... right you are ... 100% sarcastic:)

Shimaa ... " a tip on how to kill a man in three clean steps without being caught" - this is exactly my area of expertise:)

Marwa Rakha said...

Will e .... I did not know you stopped by:)

trick question indeed;)

Marwa Rakha said...

Nile Girl .... come on ... did you even have a shred of doubt?;)

Ghada ... love the enthusiasm .. hope he reads your comment:)

Marwa Rakha said...

KN ... you are even more wicked than I am:)

Marwa Rakha said...

Judish .. thank you for all your comments and quotes ... I love tha one .. I could not have written it better:

"Men are cruel. Very cruel. There is no justice in this world. And, no equality between men and women. Don't believe that a marriage alters that balance. Sometimes it only makes it worse. Power lies with the purse - remember that. Whoever controls that, controls the relationship. When you review your own marriage, you will realize the truth of what I am saying. The only difference is that some men can control their true feelings of superiority. These men are called "cultured". Other men display them openly. They make their wives feel under constant obligation. That is the best way to keep them suppressed."

Marwa Rakha said...


I am so happy and delighted that you are responding to my SOS:)

But did you really think it was and SOS? (wicked wink)

It was my way of kicking his ass and of making him feel like the worthless piece of shit he is .... my friends and the people who know me will slap his muddy face on my behalf:)

xxxxx I love you

Marwa Rakha said...

Oh Amanda .. thank you so much for taking the time to write me this extensive email and for sharing with me your own experiences. I wrote before about Egyptian men and what they "do to" foreign girls ... it was a very sad article.

As for this guy .... I have crossed him out the moment he began judging .. I sensed his inferiority complexes and insecurity. I intimidated him so he had to crush me into little pieces hoping that I would give in to his arrogant self.

This article is my wicked way of getting back at him. I will let people tell him who he really is:)


Marwa Rakha said...

Kantylis, Strawberry, Pink Unicorn, Dina Kozman, Nova .... sigh ... I could not resist the urge to chew and spit:)

Marwa Rakha said...

Ramzi:) You can't tell when I am being wicked and nasty:)

Marwa Rakha said...

Amr .. you are as sweet as ever ... never let appearances fool you:)

Love ends, youth fades away, people come and go ... but self respect and esteem last for as long as you allow them to last.

Marry him? Am I out of my mind?!!!

Marwa Rakha said...

Ahmed ... time? Give it some time? What for? once a jerk always a jerk!!!

Marwa Rakha said...

Ghada Massoud, Wala, Marwa Kamel, Lamia, Becky .... Old habits die hard ... and I guess I am not done with the sarcasm yet:)

Fido Dido said...

this is marwa the fighter girl that i know her through her articles and really want to meet her one day in real life :D. i like the part "Any serious commitment is out of the question ... I do not need/want anything you might have to offer." welcome back guru girl:D

Marwa Rakha said...

One day our paths will cross Fidodido

Habiba said...

Wow...I can't believe it...I really took it very SERIOUS though i was astonished !

It is really interesting 2 get 2 know how different people think and / or Re-act...

Good Teasing Game...Well done !

Cheers Woman ;)

Habiba said...

Wow...I can't believe it...I really took it very SERIOUS though i was astonished !

It is really interesting 2 get 2 know how different people think and / or Re-act...

Good Teasing Game...Well done !

Cheers Woman ;)

Amr Khaled said...

U think u could set me up for a date with him?
i mean im a guy but mayb he'll disregard that and love me for who i am..
aah unconditional love..
so rare, so precious..

D. eL 3aGeeB said...

The opposite of love isn't hate, it's indifference. You shouldn't even bother to seek revenge. In any sort of 'romantic' relationship, once the other partner commits a crucial mistake that leads to the destruction of the relationship the best thing to do is just ditch, dump and move on. Never look back. Been there, done that a couple of times, to a point that I wouldn't even recognize the X. no grudges, no nothing, completely blank. So it IS doable. Just work on it, first time's a lil hard but then you get used to it aslong as your conscience is clear and you're sure it wasn't your fault.

As for the "This time my prince-charming is wearing a white coat and driving a Mercedes, with a Nokia bluetooth wireless headset that matches his Nokia N95 8Gb with GPS mobile" part...I really don't get the importance of mentioning that.
A white coat? Gimmie a break. Did you mean to imply that he's a vain fag? Or possibly he's a doctor that forgot to change his uniform prior to leaving his clinic? Egypt never even gets cold enough to justify wearing a coat.
As for the Benz, hmm I don't know, did you mean to imply that he's successful? Why didn't you add that his license plate was only 4 digits or had that tiny Eagle next to it so readers would 'phear' his eliteness. I know MBs are considered one of the trademarks of success here although I presonally prefer beemers, as they somehow get more 7areemers :D

Now take this hypothetical example. A pimp husband who forces his wife to sell her body to get him money. When/how can that woman be accused of committing adultery and betraying her husband? Well, if during having sex to her pimp husband she imagined some other client and started to get orgasms over that memory. He'd think she's gushing due to the current intercoarse he's having with her when in reality it's due to the day's job memories in her head. Moral here is that betreyal is a thought. It starts in your head and escalates from there. In my book, that fella was betraying his wife and kids. I fail to find a religion that would disagree that what he has done to some degree is a form of betrayal. Yet ironically he's preaching about religion. You should've asked him to save his tenderness and money that he had planned to set aside for his 'Extreme Makover' program to his kids.

To be fair, if he means business, he should divorce his wife, transfer sufficient funds to her account and to each one of his kids, and show you these documents. Only then would he be free to start thinking of any future plans for you or any other woman. Until he does so, cheap soap should be his only resort if he's unhappy with his wife. Yes, cheap soap, not even Vaseline, as money spent on that should rather go to his kids.
IMHO, apart from you standing naked and shivering infront of your readers...this whole story is "rakha kein" :P

Marwa Rakha said...

Hello D:) First time on my blog?

I have a sharp vendictive streak, but like you, I have been trained on the "ditch, dump, and move on" routine. I just need to get even before I get going.

Since this post is driven by pure malice, I had to mock what he holds as his greatest achievements ... the coat and the car!! I also had to point out his marital status which he does not seem to think of as a drawback!

Elite? says who .... he was only attacted to the spotlights that are turning towards me now hoping for some light over his pathetic life.

I like your hypothetical example - he believes that as long as his "affairs" have a license then he is not betraying his wife.

LOL @ cheap soap:)

D. eL 3aGeeB said...

Great so we do agree on the white coat and MB. Actually I just posted my reply immediately after I had bumped into that article while surfing the web. When you let my comment through, I got curious and started reading more. Wanted to know about the site and a quick idea bout the person behind it.
I must say I've been around planet earth for quite a while and I can tell that you are truly one of a kind. Your character is rich with rare gems. Some obvious, others hidden, others deeply burried.
We just don't agree on the getting even part. I do agree that I wouldn't miss a chance to get even within let's say 3 months max. of breakup. But after 1 year indifference automatically kicks in for me. I think you would've been better off spending the time on something you'd enjoy. On the other hand had you done that we would've been deprived of the 'Vomit' masterpiece (loved it btw thanks for making me laugh).
Keep up the good work, good luck and may you be granted the fortune to meet a true Mr.Right and the wisdom to realize it at the right moment. There are plenty out there, hope the "Law of Attraction" works well for you pretty soon. Salamo 3aleiko and Happy Holidays!

Mo'men said...

You have the infamous habit of over-analyzing everything; I'm afraid he'd eventually go mental, drained from trying or even quit the whole thing.

On the other hand, Do u believe in math?
Negative + Negative = Positive
Damaged Psych + Ruined Psych= ?

You have a sincere chance to integrate yourself in a so called sacred bond, you have every right to be confused and none of us; bloggers - with apparently a lot of times in our hands - have something truly meaningful to suggest at this point of your life.

Good Luck

Fantasia said...

Ugghhhhh.. Marwa, you gotta be kidding me. WTF? This man is so damn sick.. He's green with envy. It is clear that he has got many issues to deal with before he could even think of giving advice to others.
Sorry for my late reply, you can never imagine how hectic my life is. But still I wanted to add my pence here.
You certainly rock, Marwa. I LOVED your reply to this rooster! This kinda men should face their reality.. and it takes a unique woman like you to bring them down to their actual sizes. They are senseless pigs!
20 years ago he must have been another person.. much more nicer of course. So I won't blame you for falling for him at such a young age. But those 20 years have added so much to you as a person, while taking so much from him apparently. He SUCKS big time! He thinks that he can bring you down by being a father figure or something! Why doesn't he go to father his kids for God's sake?!
Marwa, you are an inspiration to many girls. You are successful, charismatic and intelligent. Yet, who's the big zero, Mr. Nobody, who had balls to tell you such wicked stuff which ooze with his sickness??!
Damn.. Instead of only being rejected and dispised by you.. he ended up being the most notorious man in Egypt! And it serves him right. Great come back, dear.

vanillabullshit said...

I think it would be foolish of you to pass up such a wonderfully Louis Farrakhan type o'guy.

Think about it, you're strolling by the beach at dusk, you covered in a big black tablecloth looking like a Ninja, him in his shalwar kameez, sporting a huge loofah-beard contemplating how to make you a better muslimah, and how to get last night's dinner out of his beard.

You're not allowed to hold hands tho, that's grounds for stoning young lady. And I don't mean he'll take you back home & roll you a big spliff.

Marwa Rakha said...

You see Vanilla .. he is not that type .... he wanted the OTV me .. the media connected me ... not the me that I really am .. he wanted to stick hoping that he would get some light on the gray wax in his ears ... all the advice crap was just an attempt to upgrade me to fit the wife image.

drive by shooting said...

The man will take you back, it feeds his ego. He will discard you again.

If he let you go the first time, he will let you go again.

drive by shooting said...

Well I responded (earlier) to your posting before reading the comments and your reply to them. Regarding your response to the man in question: HE DOES NOT CARE ABOUT ANYTHING YOU SAY. He will not be affected. He will not be moved, he will not reflect, he will not change. Why bother discussing this with him? Maybe it’s some sort of catharsis for you, but that is what friends, diaries and blogs are for. In fact it will be tantalizing fodder for his ego – my, he will think, she sure is biiiiiiiiiitter…

Why put him down? Why bother pointing out how enormously stupid he is? He doesn’t care about what you think of him. This is just a game – a big win for him if he sees how emotionally affected – and any type of attention (even negative) will be tantalizing fodder for his ego. I had hoped your response was a big happy smile, and a ‘not interested’. That’s it. No lecture, no criticizing, no judgements. No conversation. He doesn’t give a crap. This guy actually admires you – and any type of attention or reaction from you will actually lift his twisted spirits up.