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Friday, July 11, 2008


My father looked at me angrily, then looked at Ahmed doubtingly, and told me that we had to go. The heaviness of guilt and anticipation subdued me as I followed my dad to the car. I was more concerned with my image in front of my friend; I felt humiliated for no good cause. The frown on my dad's forehead grew deeper creating future wrinkles but he was silent. We arrived home and my mother noticed the tension. She asked what went wrong but he was still silent. I told my mom what happened and my fury took over. Dad walked back into the room and the "good girl" lesson began.



Zaki said...

Some men are control freaks and power hungry. What more convenient than using it at home to instill fear and apprehension all in the name of filial honor. We all know it has nothing to do with the woman ability to marry and find a prospective husband and thus bliss and hapiness. IT IS ALL ABOUT CONTROL AND POWER AND ABOUT MEN... When are they going to let go of a the macho grip a bit.....
Wonder how many woman like this case face the same tyranical symbolic oppression......

Marwa Rakha said...

I know what you mean Zaki ... thing is most of them do it thinking that there is no better way to bring up a girl ... I get so many emails from girls who have become masters of disguise and games because of such oppression