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Friday, July 11, 2008


I cannot believe that there came a day when I had to consult a dictionary for the definition of an adult. “When you grow up” was the answer I got to most of the questions I asked in my childhood or in my troublesome teens be it as simple as wearing making or as complex as making babies. Time and experience answered a lot of these questions yet today I am not sure if there will ever come a point in my life when I will not need to be “more grown up” to be allowed to do, read, or watch what I chose? This is why I needed the help of the dictionary to see if I was adult enough or I still needed more growing up.

Wikipedia said that “The term adult describes any mature organism, but normally it refers to a human: one that is no longer a child / minor and is now either a man or a woman.” Other definitions stated 18 or 21 as a minimum age requirement. Accordingly, I am an adult. Finally I am a grown up! Why do I not feel like an adult? Is it because I live in a country that insists that I am not, and will never be, old enough to watch movies uncensored? Is it because some big boys think that certain books and songs will contaminate my pure soul? Is it because people still blush – or pretend to blush – when the S-Word is mentioned? Is it because countless people act as my guardians – deciding what is good for me and what is not?


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